Evaluation of Pathway Modulation by Raf, MEK, & Kinase Inhibitors

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Other: Solar Simulator

A Multiport UV Solar Simulator Model 600 (Solar Light Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA) will be used to administer Solar Simulated Light (SSL) exposures to formerly unexposed buttock skin.The device is equipped with six 8mm liquid light guides (LLG), allowing for 6 simultaneously conducted exposures.A large 3×2 endplate places the LLGs several centimeters apart and is specifically designed for Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and photo patch testing. The dose of emission from each LLG can be precisely regulated and the spectrum of emission can be limited to UVA (320-390 nm) or UVB+UVA (290-390 nm). The operator can select between UVA only and a combined Ultraviolet-A (UVA)/ Ultraviolet-B (UVB) spectrum by placement of an optical filter. The spectral output (indicated below) follows the distribution of sunlight from 290 to 390 nm.

Other Name: Multiport UV Solar Simulator Model 60