Risk Accessment Model for Ischemic Stroke Endpoint Events

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Primary Outcome Measures:
Secondary Outcome Measures:

Biospecimen includes serum, blood clots and whole blood.

Stroke is characterized by high incidence and high rates of recurrence and other endpoint events. Risk accessment is important for secondary prevention of ischemic stroke. To date, no study has been conducted to evaluate the risk of ischemic stroke endpoint events by establishing risk accessment models combining TCM and modern medicine indicators.

The present study aims to develope a risk accessment model of ischemic stroke endpoint events combining multi-dimensional TCM indicators with modern medicine indicators. The proposed study is a registry study based participant survey conducted in 7 hospitals nationwide in China. After obtaining informed consent, a total of 3000 study patients diagnosed with ischemic stroke will be recruited. 1-year follow-ups are carried out on-site in hospitals and by telephone to track endpoint events. Comparative analysis of prevalence of endpoint events and other TCM or modern medicine features in different groups is conducted using frequency analysis and chi-squared tests, and expressed with composition ratios. Comparative analysis of quantitative scores of the scales and related syndromes or symptoms is conducted using rank-sum test. Correlation analysis of endpoint events and TCM or modern medicine factors will be performed using multivariate Cox proportional hazard model.