Oral Health Awareness and Oral Hygiene in Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

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Primary Outcome Measures:
Secondary Outcome Measures:

First visit: (baseline)

  1. Awareness questionnaire is given to parent or caregiver to fill.
  2. Child information will be recorded in the diagnosis chart of Pediatric Dentistry and Public Health Department
  3. Intra-oral and extra-oral examination to all children included and recording Oral Hygiene Index simplified.
  4. Intervention group will receive:

    • Supra-gingival scaling
    • Oral Health Educational Program through life demonstration of tooth brushing on a model, power point presentation and a poster.
    • Package containing tooth brush, tooth paste, poster and follow-up chart.

Second and third visits: (every month)

  1. Oral hygiene index simplified will be recorded for both groups.
  2. Follow-up chart is collected from intervention group.

Forth visit: (final visit)

  1. Awareness questionnaire is given for parents of both groups.
  2. Oral Hygiene Index simplified is recorded for both groups.
  3. Follow up charts is collected from intervention
  4. Control group will receive the same program after collection all data.

Number of visits & follow up period:

  • Four visits, time interval between each visit is one month and the follow up period is three months